Backing Tracks for Guitar, Singers and Players

Who are my backing tracks for?

My instrumental backing tracks are free to use for music learners, music teachers, guitarists, singers and musicians who need a support track.

You can also upload them on YouTube and Facebook, for personal use and live performances, provided you properly credit me. You will not receive copyright claims on YouTube or Social Media.

They suit elementary, intermediate and also advanced musicians.

Backing Tracks by Style/Genre

Backing Tracks by Key

They are all professional backtracks which can help musicians, guitarists, singers and players improve, jam, practise and at the same time have a high quality arrangement with intuitive chord progressions, in different keys and many different styles. The mix and master is up to today’s standards.

However, they cannot be re-sold through distributors or record labels. This can create copyright issues. If you’re unsure about this, this article is for you.

Where are my backing tracks available?

In addition to streaming on YouTube and other Platforms, you can find them on all stores as Mp3s 320. They’re even available as uncompressed lossless high quality *.wav and *.flac on BandCamp.

I usually group them in 10-track albums of similar style. All downloadable both as albums and as single backing tracks.

In addition, here’s a playlist with all my backtracks on YouTube. You can save it and listen later when you have time to try them out.

As well as on Youtube, you can find my music on Spotify and if you have the Spotify app installed you can listen to my track in high quality.

Finally, always use headphones or good speakers for a better experience. Enjoy your listening!

Check my entire backing track catalogue on BandCamp

Remember how copyright is important and if you’re not sure, this Article should help you.

If you play the guitar and want to learn through tabs check my Electric and Classical Guitar Tab section.

If you need help with scales for improvisation, I recommend visiting my section on GuitarToneMaster, a great resource for all guitarists.

Wish you all happy listening and good fun!