A Comedy Song Video with English Lyrics

Nick Neblo – Celebrity

Self-Irony? Self-Parody?

110%! A comedy song video not to everyone’s taste.
This is by no means an attempt to mock anybody (expect myself), simply a friendly joke.

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If you need Spanish subtitles and on my video they’re not working, try this video Celebrity (letra traducida y subtitulada en español). If you can’t stand the video but like the song, below’s the lyrics

Celebrity Lyrics

Everybody wants to be on the screen,
work all your life just for a single scene.
Choose your glad rags and lose your dignity,
you will enhance popularity.

Is this expression or hypocrisy?
I can’t escape, I can’t get rid of it.

I must’ve been born a celebrity,
but in a different time.
I struggle to find my identity
in this world full of lies.

Intrigue me, tempt me with your fantasies.
Provoke me, tease me with your sexy dreams.
Entice me, lure me with your tasty meals.
Bewitch me, bait me until I can’t resist.

Now that I’ve fallen straight into your trap
I seem to like it, I can’t get enough.

I must’ve been born a celebrity,
but in a different time.
I struggle to find my identity
in this world full of lies.

It’s time I enjoy my celebrity,
please send me back in time.
Or am I a cutting edge novelty,
please tell me before I die.

I must’ve been born a celebrity
in another life!

Landlady: ‘can you stop singing and get on with your work!?’
Nick: ‘Oh, sorry!’

How and when I recorded it?

First of all, I did have to paint a room. I had already written and recorded the song Celebrity. Don’t ask me how I came up with that idea, cause I don’t even know, but I suddenly felt the urge of recording. I borrowed a camera from a friend, can’t even remember what I used as tripod! After that, I put myself in the shows of some who, to escape from reality, sings when working. It felt real.


I’m not. Though I like DIY and I can paint a little. Of course, I made a mess of that room and after the video I had to properly repaint it. But that was part of the whole comedy song and video. Plus, I wasn’t really concentrating on painting.


I was a little bit chubbier than now, and maybe a little bit more muscular. Anyway, I never went to the gym, just went swimming or did other anaerobic sports, what you normally do to keep healthy. I’ve never been obsessed with looks and body. I have no tattoos, messy hair, just shave from time to time. Low maintenance, a shower and a beard trimmer is all I need.


The ‘outest’ of fashion and least attractive clothes, dungarees! I might look gay but as I have a lot of gay friends, the word homosexual (and its more derogatory synonyms) do not offend me at all. I respect anybody as long as they respect me.


Original music, lyrics, vocals, arrangement, instruments, recording, mix and mastering by Nick Neblo 2010 © ℗ 2019 All Rights Reserved

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