Acoustic and Ballads Backing Tracks, Part. 1

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Firstly, this section, Ballads Backing Tracks, is the biggest one. So this is why I’ve split it into 2 parts. You can listen from the YouTube and Spotify players as a 40-track playlist or scroll down and search album by album.

YouTube embedded playlists still work better on both mobile and desktop devices. So I recommend using Spotify only if you have the app installed.

Why Ballads and Acoustic Tracks?

Ballads and acoustic tracks are so flexible that players from totally different backgrounds find themselves at ease. I was pleasantly surprised to find a variety of performances by so many artists over my ballads and acoustic backtracks. Watching talented musicians playing violin, guitar, flute, harmonica, singing and having fun with my track gave me great pleasure. Major and minor keys adapt well to different feelings and emotions. Finally, harmonic minor, has a special indescribable feeling.

In addition, my tracks available to listen to YouTube, Spotify and other streaming services. You can find them on all stores as Mp3 320 and also in uncompressed lossless high quality *.wav or *.flac on BandCamp. They’re downloadable as 10-track albums or single tracks

Acoustic Guitar Backing Tracks Jam

Instrumental Guitar Ballads Backing Tracks, Vol. 1

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Vol. 2

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Guitar Backing Tracks Next Album

Vol. 3

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I love varying styles and give everybody the opportunity of growing using my original music, backing tracks in particular. So have a look at my backing track catalogue and try different styles. You might find something that suits you or something new that can introduce you to a new genre.

Finally, have fun! Enjoy music! Happy playing and have a good one!