Hard Rock/Metal Backing Tracks

These are fast and mid-tempo Hard Rock/Metal backing tracks, ranging from about 100bpm to 180 bpm, the arrangement is in line with the Hard Rock of the 80s/90s, hairy metal of famous bands such as Europe, Guns’ n Roses, Iron Maiden, Van Halen, Deep Purple just to mention a few. 

Who are these backing tracks for?

They’ve been created for guitarists who want to shred their guitars and hear a powerful boost from the backing track. Minor progressions are very common. Just let your fingers play, practice your tapping, shredding, modal arpeggios or whatever technique you are familiar with. However, they’re not only for guitarists. If you sing, if you play an instrument, why not trying them out? Sometimes merging different styles can have a very original result. They’re here for you to experiment.

If you have Spotify installed, I recommend opening the app, because the steaming quality on the app is better. However, if you are on a desktop platform, the preview on my website is not as bad as on mobile devices. If you don’t have Spotify installed and you use a mobile device, I recommend listening from the YouTube embedded playlists above. It should give you a better listening experience.

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