High Fever

How do you interpret this song?

I left the lyrics of High Fever open to interpretation, though most phrases might be euphemisms. I’d be more than curious to read a comment below my YouTube video with your interpretation. Translation in Spanish and Italian is available though that might take away some of the double meanings.

The Sound

’80s, perhaps ’90s. That’s the flavour, a mixture of soft electronic sounds and clean guitars. Although the lyrics are in the video, try closing your eyes as soon as the song starts.

High Fever Lyrics

Let me admire
your secret desire,
make everything your own.

Get me inspired,
make me go higher,
higher than the sun.

Mmh I shiver,
high fever,
I see the light.

Burn like a fire,
sing like a choir,
make my feel the one.

Mmh I shiver,
high fever,
I see the light.

Give me your power,
hour after hour,
hold me until I burst.

I’ll never grow tired,
our love is hard-wired,
unlimited, untold.

Mmh I shiver,
high fever,
I see the light.

I’ll never grow tired…
I’ll never grow tired…

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Original music, lyrics, vocals, arrangement, instruments, recording, mix and mastering by Nick Neblo © ℗ 2016 All Rights Reserved.

Nick Neblo High Fever

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