Backing Tracks in B minor

Free backing tracks in B minor for personal use. This is a YouTube playlist to practise and play B minor scale, B minor pentatonic, and other B minor scales. For guitar, singers and players of all instruments.

Backing Tracks in B minor is also available on Spotify .

Special section FOr Guitar and Guitarists To memorise B minor SCALE on fretboard

To jam you can use either B minor pentatonic or B minor. Below you can find the scales.

B Minor – Little mental exercise first

Easy B minor scale layout to learn and teach

Now check

B Minor Pentatonic

To help me continue making these tutorials and tracks, you can download these backing track in uncompressed lossless high quality *.wav and *.flac on BandCamp as well as many others.

Here’s a video and tutorial to help you listen and memorise B minor scale (click minute 4:51) on your guitar fretboard. You can also watch the whole video which includes 0:19 C major | 0:52 A minor | 1:21 G major | 2:12 E minor | 2:54 F major | 3:27 D minor | 4:09 D major | 4:51 B minor

Backing tracks in Other keys

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