Backing Tracks in D Minor

Free for personal use instrumental backing tracks. This is a YouTube playlist of backing tracks to practise D minor key. For guitar, singers and players of all instruments.

If you use Spotify, below you’ll find a similar playlist entitled Backing Tracks in D Minor.

Buy backing tracks in D minor from BandCamp

Special section FOr Guitar and Guitarists

To jam you can use either D minor pentatonic or D minor. Below you can find the scales.

D Minor – Little mental exercise first

Easy D minor scale layout to learn and teach

Now check

D Minor Pentatonic

For beginners: start practising with D minor pentatonic and once you get confident try D minor.

For advanced learners: you can also use D harmonic minor if the tracks in D minor contain the chord A major or A major 7th. Remember to use D harmonic minor only over the chord A major and/or over the chords which do not include the note C, e.g, C major, F major, A minor, etc…

Other Keys:

To help me continue making these tutorials and tracks, you can download these backing track in uncompressed lossless high quality *.wav and *.flac on BandCamp as well as many others.

Backing tracks in Other keys and style

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