Backing Tracks in D Major

My instrumental backing tracks in D major are free for personal use.

This is a YouTube playlist to practise D major scale, for guitar, players of all instruments and for singers. You can also practice the relative B minor scale, particularly on the verse of some of the following backtracks.

Backing Tracks in D major on Spotify.

Special section FOr Guitar and Guitarists

To jam you can use D major scale. Below you can find it.

D Major – Little mental exercise first

D major guitar scale easy layout on fretboard

Now check

Different Keys

To help me continue making these support tracks, you can download them in uncompressed lossless high quality *.wav and *.flac on BandCamp.

They are available on most streaming services and can be bought as MP3 320 on most stores (Amazon, iTunes, etc).

The simple rule is: you’re free to upload them on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram etc.. as long as you properly credit me. Please read My Backing Track Policy if you wish to publish them on social media.

Backing tracks in Other keys and style AVAILABLE

Finally, more ideas, tips and tricks for musicians are available on my website.