Rock, Blues and Funk Backing Tracks

Both playlists above are collections of instrumental jam tracks, in this case, rock, blues and funk backtracks. Their keys vary, from major to minor and their chord progressions are quite intuitive. So, they can be ideal for guitarists, but also for musicians and singers or as background music of any kind.

You can listen to them on YouTube, Spotify and other streaming services. You can also find them on all stores as Mp3 320 and in uncompressed lossless high quality *.wav or *.flac on BandCamp. They come in 10-track albums or single tracks. Below you’ll find each 10-track album both on YouTube and Spotify.

Rock and Blues Guitar Backing Tracks

Rock and Blues Guitar Backing Tracks on BandCamp

Miscellaneous Backing Tracks Rock/Blues/Funk

Miscellaneous Backing Tracks Rock Blues Funk on BandCamp

Rock Guitar Backing Tracks, Vol 2

Blues and Funk Guitar Backing Tracks Jam

Rock Guitar Backing Tracks, Vol 3

What is your listening platform?

If you have Spotify installed, I recommend opening the app, because the steaming quality on the app is better. However, if you are on a desktop platform, the preview on my website is not as bad as on mobile devices. If you don’t have Spotify installed and you use a mobile device, I recommend listening from the YouTube embedded playlists above. It should give you a better listening experience.

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