Electric and Classical Guitar Tabs

In this sections you can find some guitar both electric and classical guitar tabs, they are videos made for guitarists to learn and improve. Levels go from intermediate to advanced.

Love SOlo

The first one is ‘Love Solo’, one of the first instrumental songs I wrote. First published on YouTube in 2006. This is the tab version, which could be useful for intermediate learners. The technique isn’t very complicated, it’s more about finding the right tone and giving it a personal touch. It’s Santana-like rather than fast shredding.

You can find Love Solo backing track here.

Guitar Fingerpicking Arpeggio Exercise

This is part of one of my songs and the arpeggio can be used as fingerpicking exercise. You can also use a pick if you prefer. Some of the chord positions are a bit tricky, but they can certainly help you stretch your hand.

Instrumental Spanish Guitar Solo

In this one I use the technique called ‘picado’. In the video, you can also find the tabs for the rhythm guitar and the chords. I’d say it is for more advanced students, but the first part is certainly not too challenging.

Click here for the Instrumental Spanish Guitar Solo Backing Track.

Hope you find these electric and classical guitar tabs useful and hope they can help you become a better guitarist. Please also check my backing track catalogue. Take care.